Product Testimonials

What customers say about Lasater Grasslands Beef...

R.B., Colorado. "As a mother of three young children, nothing is more important than the health of my family. That's why we only eat your beef. My kids love the taste and, as any mom can tell you, finding healthy food that kids like is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."

S.G., Colorado. "The fact that your ranching enhances Colorado's natural environment rather than compromising it, while benefiting the health and well-being of not just cattle but all the indigenous species, allows me to enjoy your products while fulfilling a consumer's environmental responsibility."

D.H., Texas. “You're a model for ranchers. Keep up the good work”.

L.R., California. “We have tried the meat and are delighted. It has been years since we have had meat this good. I had almost become a vegetarian but now I know where to find good tasting meat. Thank you all very much”.

M.D., Kansas. “My autistic son is on a diet which includes free range beef. My son has not eaten meat in over five years. When your meat was placed in front of him, my wife and I were shocked to witness him eating the beef. This was a phenomenal breakthrough. Finally, your beef is exceptionally tender and has an almost buttery taste”.

M. F., Ohio. “I was a vegetarian for two years, not because I felt sorry for the slaughter of animals but because I couldn't believe the things that were going on in the beef industry. I believe in your product and will continue supporting you”.

B. L.,California. “Your beef makes some of the best burgers I've ever tasted. This, in addition to the healthy, natural lipid (fat) profile of grass fed beef and your wildlife-friendly range management, makes Lasater beef an excellent source in terms of flavor, health and ethics”.

G. B., Tennessee.
“We run a health food store and frequently recommend that people order your beef because of the high quality of your meat without all the added antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or pesticides that are frequently found in factory raised animals. Even my roommate will eat a hamburger made from your beef and she has been a vegetarian for 15 years”.

C.K., California. “I sometimes feed my dog raw meat. Since she has tasted the Lasater beef, she will not eat any cut at all of the beef from the health food store! Another time, I mixed some health food store beef with some Lasater beef. She picked out all the pieces of Lasater beef and left the health food store beef. ( I could tell the difference because, though I was using the same cut, the Lasater beef has a different color)”.

R.D., California. “We have ordered several times from you and been very pleased”.

J.G. Colorado. “I appreciate so much your dedication to honoring integrity in your business — integrity to the land, to your family, to the people dependent on your resource, and to God. I grew up on ranch in Southern Montana. Even then I felt distressed for the abuse of the land I saw then, and later, alarmed at the practices and resulting quality of food we produced for human consumption. I feel very grateful to have heard about you and your work."

G.W. Florida. “The meat arrived in excellent condition. We cooked it on the grill and it was WONDERFUL. It had a subtle flavor like beef used to have, but not gamey or unpleasant. It was naturally tender, not mealy or stringy”.

T.M. California. “We have not finished everything yet but what we have eaten has been wonderful. Keep up the good work. My wife was very impressed with the quality of the meat. The steaks are very tender and flavorful”.

A M.L. Colorado. “What yummy beef”.

T.M., California. "We have tried both the rib eye steaks and the pot roast and both were delicious”.

K. R., Kansas. “Just a note to tell you that we are most happy with our first order from you! The beef quality and flavor are excellent!"