Beef Side

Try Cowpooling Today! 

Gather a few friends, co-workers, family members, or neighbors to share a side of beef.  You will find the price per pound is very cost effective.

Another cost effective option that won't take up quite as much freezer space is a 1/4 of a beef.  This option is available with the same cuts as our sides (we will just split a side in half).

Please place order by telephone.  Call toll free 866-454-2333.

Side of Beef

For a full side we charge $8.24 per lb of finished meat weight for pick up orders and $9.24 per lb of finished meat weight for shipped orders.  A side of beef will take 6 to 7 boxes to ship so this will help us offset some of the shipping cost. 

For a 1/4 we charge $9.99 per lb of finished meat weight for both pick up and shipped orders.

The 5% pick up discount throughout the rest of our site does not apply to our sides or quarters of beef.  Nor does our free shipping apply to the sides of beef.

Total weight of our sides wIll be between 175-220 lbs. of:
  • roasts, stew meat (30%-40%)
  • steaks (20%-30%)
  • ground beef (35%-45%)

6 cubic feet of freezer space needed.  Shipped in 6 boxes. 

Do you have questions about buying a side of grassfed beef? 

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For Beef Side ordering information, please call us at 866-454-2333