One handful green onions for every two people, for each person cut one half green or red bell pepper, one half tomato, one half pound round steak and two flour tortillas.


Leave green tails on onions and cut bell peppers into thin slices. Place all on grill over hot fire until 3/4 done (when texture begins to become less firm).

Place Top Round steaks over hot part of fire and move the vegetables immediately around the steaks. Sprinkle salt, pepper and garlic in the meat to your taste.

Grill according to instructions in cooking tips. Immediately after flipping the steaks over for the last time, pile all the vegetables over and around the steaks and cover with a large wok-shaped lid until steak is done.

Lay tortillas over grill to warm, stacking warm tortillas in one pile on the edge of the grill. Drape a cotton dish towel over the top of the tortillas to keep warm.


Pull vegetables over to the far side of the grill and slice meat into the thinnest slices possible and place in a pile on cutting board. Cut tomato into thin slices.

Serve several slices of meat, tomato, onion and peppers in each tortilla and fold in half. Pinto beans and fresh guacamole add greatly to the meal.